Prayer Group

Child of God Family Service

Family Service with Storytelling, Singing, and Interactive Activities for Any Age

Sundays - 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

September - May

"See how very much our Father loves us,

for he calls us his children,

and that is what we are!" - I John 3: 1

We are all God's children.  Those who remember learning Sunday school songs like "Jesus Loves Me," and "the B-I-B-L-E" may wonder how their own children will ever learn about Jesus today.  And those less familiar with Bible stories and Christian teachings may want to get back to the basics of the faith.  If this sounds like you, Child of God may be your service!

Rather than attending a Sunday school class, children and their families are invited to help lead and learn in a worship setting at the Child of God service.  It is a complete worship service in 30 minutes, with fun and interactive music, simplified Bible readings, stories, and a learning activity.  Holy Communion is also offered at each service.

The Child of God Family Service is held on Sundays at 11;30 a.m. from September through May.  The service is offered in the [FELLOWSHIP HALL ANNEX] and all adults are welcome as well as those attending with their families.  Bible stories are offered in chronological order each year, so regular attenders will get a sense of the overall flow of Bible history.  Children are very involved in this service.  They become comfortable leading worship, reading and carrying in the Bible, candle and cross.

Taking it home

Following the service, there is a 15 minute "Take it home time" where teachers take the children into the Sunday school room to work on a craft.  As they work on their craft, age-appropriate learning and conversation takes place, helping the child to carry the Bible lesson home.

While the children do their craft, adults are encouraged to remain for their own "Take it home time" conversation.  The pastor leads more in-depth discussion of the story topic, and parents are given a "Home Blueprint" which helps connect the lesson to real-life issues and parenting challenges.

How should you dress for worship?

Casual attire is appropriate for all our worship services here at Atonement! Come as you are and come often!  We are all Children of God!


The music for this service is mostly kid-friendly/camp type songs. Some have fun hand motions.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is the sharing of bread and wine in the the name of Jesus Christ.  He promised that he would be present with us in this meal, and that forgiveness and the Holy Spirit are available to those who share it.  All who trust Jesus as their Savior and believe he is truly present with us in Holy Communion are welcome to receive it here at Atonement.

During the service, you will be invited to stand in a circle around the table which is set with a loaf of bread and a cup of grape juice.  The bread and grape juice are blessed and then the pastor and assistant will come around the circle with the bread and cup.

At the Child of God service, we use a loaf of bread and grape juice.  We use the method called "intinction," meaning that after you receive the piece of bread, you will be offered the cup of grape juice to dip your bread in before eating it.

If your children regularly take communion, they are welcome to take it at Atonement.  All children can take it with parent's approval. You may prefer to wait until they have taken our first communion class (which we offer in the pre-Easter season every year).  We generally recommend that children take the class by fourth grade.  Feel free to talk to the pastor if you feel your child is ready to begin taking communion.