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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

What a fun Halloween afternoon for the ALC Kids Club! The weather was nice, we held the meeting under the big shade trees behind the church.

We had a little girl scarecrow, a little Superhero, a butterfly in a tutu, a good witch, a buccaneer ( no, not the football kind, the pirate kind!) and his maiden, a lady with great Halloween makeup, and several others.

The guitarists and singers were belting out great tunes like “Give me Oil in my Lamp, keep on burning” (to which Buccaneer Pastorrrrrrrrrrr Scott added “Give me gas in my Ford, keep on trucking for the Lord”!), Monster Mash and Dem Bones. Kept us moving!

As the next day was to be Reformation Sunday, a big day on our church calendar, Pastor told us a great lesson about Martin Luther and how he posted the 95 theses on the church door over 500 years ago. His message was fun because he delivered it like a true pirate and rolled every “R” he came to. Then we posted our own “theses” on our church door.

Our resident magician, Devlin, put on the best magic show! Not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids or the adult big kids…..Then he made super cute balloon animals, a pumpkin and a guitar. He is so clever, we loved it.

Miss Julie let us play “Pin the Bowtie on the Skeleton” to win treats, fun! We punched pumpkins to retrieve more treats, and she had a few crafts for us to take home.

All agreed what a nice day it was, looking forward to our November meeting! Bring a friend and come join the fun!

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