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Roar !

We really liked Miss Rebecca’s story about Daniel in the lion’s den!

Daniel was an important man to King Darius but some of the officials of the king were jealous of him. They made up a law that said that everyone was to worship only the king (because they knew that Daniel worshipped God and wouldn’t obey). When Daniel broke the law by worshipping God they told King Darius and even though he liked Daniel he had no choice but to punish him. Daniel would be put in a den of lions. King Darius told him to pray to God to rescue him. Daniel prayed and prayed. A stone had been put over the opening to the den so Daniel couldn’t escape. When King Darius returned in the morning, he shouted to Daniel to see if he was alright. Daniel shouted back that an angel had shut the mouths of the lions and he wasn’t hurt. King Darius sent out a decree to the kingdom that everyone should obey Daniel’s God because of the wonderful thing he did for Daniel. “He rescues those that serve him”.

Then we made lion puppets out of paper bags and had fun!

Next week we are going to hear about Jonah and his struggle with the city of Nineveh. Stay tuned !

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