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A different day!

Well! The Child of God service of March 15, 2020 was different….the church campus was closed because of the STUPID corona virus! We live streamed the service but how the interaction with the kids was missed, but we hope they were tuned in. It was a whole different ball game, super quiet and maybe even a bit lonely. This too shall pass as the saying goes…..We will have our own stories to tell one day!

Miss Alice was a great story teller! She told us about Jonah and the vine. (We remember Jonah, he was the guy that got eaten by the big fish.) Well, this time Jonah was going to Nineveh to tell the people there that God was going to judge them because of their wickedness. They listened to him and prayed for God’s mercy. God stopped the judgement but that made Jonah so mad! He thought God should have punished them for their evil ways. So God wanted to teach Jonah a lesson. Jonah went off to another part of the city, probably to pout. God made a vine grow by Jonah and Jonah was happy for the shade it provided. Then God had a worm kill the vine, the shade was gone, a hot wind was blowing and the sun was so hot that Jonah wanted to die! God asked why Jonah was so mad, he didn’t plant the vine, he didn’t water it. It came up one day and died the next. Shouldn’t God care about the people of Nineveh the same way? Lots of people and lots of kids lived there and should be saved. I think Jonah learned his lesson.

Miss Alice made a great vine to go along with the story and she had a great craft to go along with it too. But….no one was there to do the craft! Maybe one day we can do it together.

Next week we are going to live stream the service again and Mr. Shad ( he is a wonderful story teller) is going to tell us the story about Jesus being baptized by John. You don’t even have to get dressed to go to church! Maybe your dog or cat will enjoy “going to church” too in your living room. Miss Jan might even bring Bitsy ( the “church dog” ) so you can see her again, she misses you all. Stay tuned!

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