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A Generous Helping

Generous helpings may come when you know that a person will love the dish you've made, or that someone is in need of the meal you've prepared, or that you have more food than anyone could ever eat. Yet on the other hand, portions tend to be smaller when seconds are requested. You want to make sure everyone has had their fair share and that there is enough food to go around.

If you serve something particularly yummy for dinner, you'd best not take your eyes off your plate because someone might snatch that buttery biscuit out from under your nose! It's every woman for herself when bread is involved!

When Jesus dishes out grace, He serves it up like a hot, creamy dish of Mama's mashed potatoes and gravy. It's a generous helping every time. He doesn't skimp when you ask for seconds, nor does He make you wait until everyone has had some before you can have more. Jesus never runs out of what you need. He offers the same measure of grace each time.

When John described the grace of Jesus, he said that we receive "grace in place of grace already given." The grace given the second, third and fourth time is just as generous as His first serving.

As we enter into Atonement's new campaign: 2020 - A Year of Vitality: Honoring Generosity - let's reflect on all the generous blessings we have received. Now let's dish up a heap of goodness by increasing our giving so that we can sustain and develop new ministries while exemplifying our mission: Sharing the love of Jesus, Glorifying God and Extending His Kingdom.

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