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A Little Library

For several moths John Kostialik, with the help of his wife Tedra, has been working on this amazing project that I proposed for him to create for Atonement. For me to say that John went above and beyond on this project does not do justice to the end result. In between working, being a husband, and a father, he found time to create Atonement's first Little Library.

Atonement is a beacon to the community not only as a welcoming worshiping community, but also as outreaching with our food pantry. Today I am proud to say that we added this Little Library, not only for our members to take advantage, but also our beautiful and diverse Wesley Chapel community. At this moment you might be asking yourself what is a Little Library? A Little Library is exactly what its name says. It is a little library, but books are free and there is no hassle of due dates to return books back.

It is a beautiful way of making books available to everyone. Anyone can come to our Little Library and grab as many books as they want to read. They have the choice of bringing books they might have at home that they want to pass to someone else and add it to the inventory. Our inventory inside the Little Library will, with the help of everyone, include books of various languages to reflect our community.

Thank you John & Tedra Kostialik for such an amazing Little Library.

If you would like to help with keeping up the book inventory please email me

Also, if you have books at home that you would like to pass over to someone, just come to Atonement and go round the portico round about and you will see ALC Little Library and drop off the books.

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