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A Lyft Ride with Serge

As I got ready for leaving Luther Seminary Campus, I ordered my Lyft ride to the airport. A nice gentlemen came to pick me up. His name is Serge. He asked me if I went to school there (Luther Sem). I responded a big yes with a smile on my face. We started a nice conversation on the way to the airport. He shared that he wants to go back to school to major in law, but that it is too expensive to do so. As we are having a nice conversation, he shared that he is from Africa. I explained to him how, in this program, in 2 years I will be traveling to Tanzania and South Africa

with my classmates to explore the culture and religion. I also shared with him how Africa has the largest population of ELCA Lutherans. He was as amazed at that, as I was the first time I heard it. Then he shared how the people in Africa are welcoming to the stranger. And how even as poor as they are, they are rich in heart. How they would share with the strange their last loaf of bread. Then he shared how sad he is because his grandmother, aunt, and uncle had passed away in past year in Africa and he had not been able to go back home at the time. He shared with me how in the African culture, when a family member in their villages pass away, neighbors and friends flood your house for 40 days to help you grieve. In those 40 days the family members of the deceased are not alone and the people in the village bring them food, help them with chores, and just sit to listen and help with the grieve. I was in awe of him and his heartfelt story. The African culture is the prime example of welcoming our neighbors and extending a hand to those in need. I can't wait for the year 2021 when I get to emerge myself, with my classmates, in such an amazingly heartwarming culture. Thank you Serge today you touch my heart and you are not even aware of it.

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