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A Poem by Linda Amber

Thank You Jesus for this time of rest during the corona virus. We will stay where you put us. We will, dear Lord though we wanted so badly to go ...... Jesus, Your Will be done. We know this is not only a time of cleaning our hands, not socializing and staying home; this is also a good time of cleaning our souls. This is also a good time of repenting; and, holding on to You in solitude. It is no longer what we want to do or where we want to go. It is where you want to put us. We will do the work of tilling the dry soil, while we wait for the rain. We will offer our time of solitude to You, Lord. This is not a time of imprisonment; but, a time to be with You with every breath we take. “We, a small existence of BEING Himself Wander through emptiness to a Glorious Wealth” (Linda Amber) Jesus the Breath of my soul we love when we go to our Secret Place. Amen.

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