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We have been busy at the Child of God service! On February 23rd Pastor Scott taught us about Psalm 119. It is the longest Psalm and each verse begins with a letter from the Hebrew alphabet. We got to see what each letter looked like, very different from own ABC’s. Then we started an alphabetical list of things God does or things that reminded us of God. “A” is for awesome, “B” is for beautiful, “C” is for caring, right to the letter “Z”. Of course it was fun to see how silly we could be! ( like “R” is for R2D2…)

We also learned that during Lent we no longer say “Alleluia”, it is a serious season and we put it away until Easter when we sing it loud and clear! So we all colored our own Alleluias and put them in a tube wrapped in plastic. Everyone came outside to watch us bury the Alleluias in the ground. On Easter or the Sunday after we will unearth it to bring it back again. Another fun learning experience.

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