Advent Devotional, December 13th

“O Lord, How Shall I Meet You?” (ELW 241, stanza 3)

So often, and so easily, people talk about salvation as something that humans

want. Yet, truth be told, many people are just as often oblivious about it. Or

they seek salvation in all the wrong places.

But one thing is certain. God is interested in our salvation, a living relationship

with us. In this stanza we see that Paul Gerhardt was obviously attuned to the

good news of the “prevenient” grace of God, the grace that comes to us before

we have prepared ourselves for it. How else could he write about God’s “thirst”

for our salvation?

Advent is a time of preparation on our part, and at its best it is a time for the

Spirit to work within us to make us aware of the unbinding love of God—God’s

thirst for our salvation—that makes the coming of Christ to us and our world

possible. As we sing, pray, and hear the gospel, the Spirit is indeed active

among us, and for that we give thanks.

Holy Spirit, stir up our hearts and minds to behold the “love beyond all telling” that led

God to embrace us and all humankind. Help us to reflect and enact that love all our

days. Amen.

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