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Advent Devotional, December 16th

Romans 16:25–27

These three verses make up one long sentence (79 words in the English version

and 53 in the Greek text) packed full of theological words and phrases. The

subject of the sentence (“glory”) doesn’t come until the end. Essentially, the

sentence says “Now to God ... be the glory.”

In keeping with the season of Advent, what stands out in the passage is the

conviction that God has now revealed the content of a mystery hidden in

ages past. That hidden mystery is the “proclamation,” or preaching, about

Jesus Christ— the gospel—which is being proclaimed now to people of all


That gospel has come to us through generations of global witnesses, and it is

now being extended to others—in congregations; through ministries of word,

sacrament, and service; by companion synods; in works of mercy; in care for

the poor. And so we add our own doxology: “to God be the glory forever.”

Let the light of the gospel burn brightly in our world, O God. Bless all who proclaim it

in word and deed. Amen.

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