Advent Devotional, December 19th

“O Lord, How Shall I Meet You?” (ELW 241)

Our theme hymn for Advent so fittingly mirrors Mary’s question to the angel in

this week’s gospel reading: “O Lord, how shall I meet you?” Though the specific

words chosen by the poet may differ from Luke’s story of the Annunciation

of God’s promise to Mary, the themes and the power of God’s promises

still capture our hearts. We hear of the longing and hope of a world held in

bondage and fear. We hear of the depth of God’s love that reached out to

embrace and liberate God’s people in the birth of God’s Son. And we hear of

the power of that love to transform sadness and gloom into a joy like that at

the sunrise— and we are led to respond like Mary with faith in God's power to

lead us safely home to God’s kingdom. Let it be also to us according to your

word of promise.

God of excelling love, thank you for reaching out to embrace my longing for your

presence. May the good news of freedom in the birth of your Son continue to dispel

the gloom and fill me with joy and delight in this season. Amen.

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