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Advent Devotional, December 22nd

Psalm 96

In the midst of exile the people of Israel asked, “How can we sing the Lord’s

song in this foreign land?” In the midst of the pain and uncertainty of so many

things in our present-day world, we may echo their expressions of longing and

fleeting hopes.

Sometimes it seems we just have to repeat the words of hope often enough

until we begin to believe what they promise. Perhaps it is like that with today’s

psalm. The psalmist begins with a resounding call to join in the song: “O sing to

the Lord a new song.” It continues with word after word of praise, until the final

word of joy and promise: He is coming! He is coming! And he will act for all

peoples in the ways of righteousness and truth!

Can you believe it? Try it! Sing the words with the psalmist. Let your body and

your whole being begin to trust. Join in the song of praise and celebration!

O God, our salvation and our hope, even when we find it hard to say the words, help

us to join in singing the words of celebration. You are coming, and in your coming

you promise to be with us in the ways of justice and truth! Amen.

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