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Advent Devotional, December 25th

“O Lord, How Shall I Meet You?” (ELW 241)

Our Advent theme hymn has invited us to reflect on our journey toward

Bethlehem: “O Lord, how shall I meet you aright?” Part of the answer is that

we stand this Christmas Day at the side of the manger. We welcome this babe

with the simple and profound conviction that here lies the promise that God’s

steadfast love will never fail.

Because, as this hymn so boldly declares, it’s all about love. As if we might

somehow miss it, four times in the third stanza the hymn writer reminds us of

this love that has reached out to embrace us and the whole creation, because

it springs from a God who has such a passionate thirst for our freedom.

Now it is for us to seek ways in which this deep love might be lit like a lamp in

our hearts, and that such love might compel us to rejoice and live our lives each

day as a reflection of God's love in Jesus, our Savior.

O Lord most holy, kindle within us the lamp of your love, that we might trust in the

good news of your salvation, and so be guided to actions of love for all your beloved

people and the creation. Amen.

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