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Advent Devotional, Friday December 11th

John 1:6–8, 19–28

In his own words, John the Baptist has said that he is not the Messiah, Elijah,

or the prophet (1:20–21). The opponents on the scene latch onto what John has

said—gotcha!—and question what business he has baptizing people (1:25).

More will be said by John about baptism as the Gospel of John continues. But

for now he declares that the Coming One—still unknown to the opponents—is

already present on earth, and the time of his earthly ministry is about to begin.

John says more about the Messiah. He is great, so great that John cannot do

such a menial task as to untie even one of his sandals.

As the season of Advent continues, we are getting close to celebrating the

coming of Jesus, Son of God, son of Mary, into our world to carry out his

earthly ministry. If yesterday we emphasized our preparation for his coming,

now we turn attention to the one who is to come. We are humbled by the

panorama of God’s grace, which comes to its highest point of revelation in

Jesus Christ.

Dear Lord, grant to us the grace to know your Son, whose sandals we are unworthy to

untie. Amen


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