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Atonement's "Hollywood Squares"

Years ago this was one of my favorite TV shows...and the reruns may still be on the Game Show network. I figure if Lawrence Welk is still on the air via PBS, then maybe Hollywood Squares is too!

Last Sunday we had our own version called the Virtual Narthex. It was an opportunity for 17 of our members to have fellowship using ZOOM. What a great time we had being able to see, talk, and catch up with our Atonement family. The only thing missing were the hugs!

This Sunday we will open the site again at 9:15 a.m. The Zoom link has been sent via email and below:

Here is your Zoom Link for the VIRTUAL NARTHEX July 5th @ 9:15 a.m. (Link is new for every session)

Virtual Narthex.

If you would like to join, download the ZOOM app first on your device at

On July 5th, 2020 (begins at 9:15 a.m.) use the sign in link above to join (The link will be new every session).

Don't be afraid to try. My hope is that we will have more members join us!

Remember, it's BYOB: Bring Your Own Breakfast! See you Sunday morning!

Virtual Hugs and Blessings to All!

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