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Back To School Blessing, August 22

Blessing for the New School Year During Covid-19 Pandemic

Merciful God,

This school year many students, teachers, faculty, and parents do not feel as excited as before. Many are concerned, some even scared. Be with all of them as they face the challenge of this school year during this pandemic. Bless the board of education, principals, teachers, and all the faculty and staff of the schools. May the leaders of our schools be guided by wisdom to keep everyone safe. May they feel your love as you walk with them at this time.

Father God,

Bless all the teachers as they adjust to this new school year. Give them the energy, strength, and peace they need to walk with their students in this challenging time. Protect them and give them peace. May they feel your guidance as they walk through new territory to reach students in new ways.

Gracious God,

We want to thank you for technology as it is allowing many teachers and students to continue their work and education. As students feel disconnected from their friends, and teachers from their colleges, make your presence knows to them. Walk with them as they begin this new school year either in person, online, or on a hybrid schedule.

Glorious God,

Now we ask you to send your Holy Spirit upon these teachers, students, and faculty. Bless their backpacks and everything in it as they carry them throughout their day. Bless these crosses and let it be a reminder to them of peace when they feel fear. May they feel your calming presence as they hold it in their hands. And may they be a beacon to others of your love.

Loving God,

Bless the parents, grandparents, legal guardians, and caregivers of all the children in school. Guide them as they choose what is best for their educational, emotional, and safety needs. Grant comfort to those who send their children to in-person class and encouragement to those who will be homeschooling. May they feel your calming presence alongside them.

We ask this in the name of your Son Jesus Christ our Comforter and Lord. Amen

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