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Updated: Feb 3, 2020

The 11:30 AM Child of God service is off and running! We are all so excited to be in the new building ( which shall remain nameless since we don’t have a name for it yet),

The service is still a work in progress but progress it is!

For those that have not yet attended this service, here is a short blurb about it. First, it is pretty informal, which we like. Second, we try to include the kids in every part of the worship service. Pastor Scott greets everyone, then an opening hymn led by our live musicians, and readings of the day read by the kids. The kids then gather in front of the altar sitting on our Noah’s ark rug. The Storyteller of the day (usually an adult) presents the story in their own words, and does an interactive activity to engage the kids in fun while emphasizing the theme. Prayers and communion (grape juice and bread) follow, and a closing hymn. The kids go off to do a craft while Pastor meets with parents or other congregants to discuss the “blueprint” for the week. This is the family’s homework to bring the lesson home and place it in the family situation.

So.....everyone has enjoyed the Child of God service so far and we are slowly but surely growing in numbers. Come on out and give us a try! You can get that extra hour of sleep, take the kids to breakfast or lunch later, and worship God in a fun and informal kid oriented manner.

[the photos are from our latest Child of God service. Storytelling about Passover, and the kids building a matzo cracker house. Messy but lots of fun!]

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