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Discounts for Luther Springs Summer Camp programs

FB Synod Council Creates $20,000 Scholarship Fund for Camp Due to the National ELCA Youth Convention being canceled this year, the Florida-Bahamas Synod Council has approved a scholarship fund to help children in the synod go to camp. A discount is available for any child registering for a camp in the Novus Way network, including our Florida Lutheran camp, Luther Springs.

Synod Vice-President Michele Hilton shared, “After the past couple of years we really wanted to support our kids to get out and enjoy summer. And with the National Convention being canceled, we felt the best way to support this was to use the money set aside for convention scholarships and redirect it to offset the cost of camp so as many children can attend as possible.” The council approved up to $20,000 in scholarship money be made available this summer. “When a child is registered at a Novus Way camp, if they use the code FBSynod22 they will get a $200 credit applied to their fees,” explains Pastor Rob Rose, Bishop’s Assistant for Administration. “If a child has already registered, a refund of $200 will be issued by Novus Way.”  A special shout-out to Luther Springs which is the Novus Way camp here in our synod. For a direct link to their programs, CLICK HERE. You can register for any camp in the Novus Way network by going to Novus Way and selecting a camp site and a program.  If you would like to donate to the camp scholarship fund, simply click here and click on the box that says “Novus Way (Luther Springs).”

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