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Don't about forget Fluffy or Fido

Do you have a copy of your pets vaccinations? If you have to leave you might need them if you see a vet in another state or have to board your pet. Your veterinarian can provide you a printout now so you don't have to worry later.

And take a picture of your pets so you will have something to show if they get lost.

Leashes, collars, harnesses, tags????

How much pet food will you need? You should buy it now while there is no rush or delivery problems. This is particularly important if your pet is a finicky eater or needs special foods. So make sure you have enough food for your pets. Don't forget treats.

KITTY LITTER for cats. Would you have enough if the stores were closed for a couple of weeks? Pee pads for dogs? Bedding chips for guinea pigs, etc?

Water! Again with the water. Bottled water? Water from the tap? Either way, you need it. You don't need bottled water to wash out dishes.

Medicines -- do your pets have any prescriptions? Would there be enough if the veterinarian's office was closed??? Plan now!

Pet carriers -- do you have enough for all your pets? [The carriers also make a good storage place for food, water containers, extra leashes and your pet's paperwork.]

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