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Don't Be Just In Time for Hurricane Season!

JIT- Just in Time. That is how most stores run these days. You go in and grab a large pack of AAA batteries to buy Tax Free. When the cashier runs the batteries through and you buy the batteries a message goes out to deliver another pack of AAA batteries to the store.

Many folks have gotten into the same shopping pattern. Decide you need jello to make for the kids tomorrow -- off to the store for a package of jello. Or bread, or peanut butter, or toilet paper. If everyone decides to make jello tomorrow the store might run out of jello before you get there -- and the next delivery truck arrives.

We've seen a lot of empty shelves the last few months. Part of it is because 'the system' is made to have so many people staying home. Part is panic because 'what happens if we run out of X?'

Anyone who has lived in Florida when a hurricane has been predicted to hit them knows what happens at the stores. Everyone is buying water, buying batteries, buying flashlights, buying bread, buying canned goods, buying wood for shutters, buying generators. There are long lines at the gas stations. So many people spending so much time in grocery lines and gas lines when they should be getting ready at home.

It is a bit like the store buying during the Covid Stay at Home. Folks should have been safely staying at home instead of going from store to store looking for whatever they needed. Increasing their risk of exposure.

So don't be JUST IN TIME for hurricane season. Plan and buy ahead as much as possible.

By doing so you leave more on the shelves for people who are searching for it.

By being prepared you don't add to the lines and frustrations.

And in today's world -- with the Coronovirus and who knows if there might be another Stay at Home order -- you can cut down the risk of the Coronovirus spreading. You can make it easier for someone else to get as quickly as possible in and out of a store with what they need if you aren't part of lines.

Don't be JUST IN TIME -- leave that to the stores as their business model. By buying what you need early you allow the shelves to be filled up again well before any hurricane aims itself at us.

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