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From Jean Jakes-Farm Workers Self Help & donations


Margarita Romo up at Farm Workers Self Help contacted me.  They  needed larger diapers.  And a baby was due this week, maybe already  here. Well, I gathered up the larger sized diapers and fixed up a simple  bundle for the newborn diaper bag, last ‘new baby clothes’, some  gently used baby clothes, a new blanket and some gently used 

blankets, and a couple bundles of Newborn diapers. Only have one new crocheted blanket left.  I used a packed diaper bag left over from the last baby shower and have already bought new diaper bags.

Margarita and I discussed I’d do that for any more babies— we had 

already talked about June not being ‘safe’.  She had a crib in the 

thrift store to give the couple. Store, of course, is closed, but is 

being used to help people.  They still take donations but would like 

to have a call ahead of time.  352-567-1432. Or contact me 813 401-7770

The office up there is still open with some interesting social 

distancing methods. One lady in one room handles the phone calls.  A 

window up front is opened for people to talk through — with  furniture pushed against that window so the worker there won’t get close. If paperwork is involved, she wears gloves and passes the paper through the window.Very little work.  Farmers aren’t getting buyers and so don’t hire workers.  Food from tomatoes to blue berries being left on the plants.

Take care. Stay healthy. 

Jean Jakes

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