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Handwriting on the Wall

On March 1st, Miss Lola was our storyteller and she told us about King Belshazzar and the handwriting on the wall that mysteriously appeared. It was a strange message and the King searched to find someone to decipher it. Daniel to the rescue!

Then we did a fun activity-Miss Lola gave us each two pens. One had invisible ink that we used to write a word and then the other pen revealed it when we colored over it. Fun! We even got to take the pens home. Thank you Miss Lola!

Devlin led us in our craft and it was clever indeed. He did an awesome job of showing us how to make a scene that we colored and then when a panel was lifted a hand appeared and then handwriting was on the wall.

Each week from now until Easter each one of us (the kids!) will get 3 pieces of a craft. We will save them in our own special box and see how many we can collect. Then we will put what we got altogether for an Easter keepsake to take home.

On March 8th Miss Rebecca is going to tell us the story about Daniel in the lion’s den. Stay tuned!

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