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Help Needed!!

The Live Nativity is right around the in next Saturday (Dec 17th at 7pm)!!

REHEARSAL IS FRIDAY, DEC.16th at 5pm. Dress for the weather & bring a flashlight.

Bill Anderson and I need some help on THURSDAY THE 15TH AT 9AM to get the stable and fencing set up.

Need some guys who can lift some heavy wood pieces. If you can help, contact me at (813) 270-7606.

Refreshment items can be dropped off during the week (please label them for the Nativity!!). If you are coming to the Nativity, bring your refreshment items with you.

Monday from 8am-12p, Tuesday from 8am-3pm, Wed from 1-3pm, Thursday & Friday from 10-2 or bring them to the REHEARSAL at 5pm on FRIDAY, DEC. 16th.

Thank you all for your participation. Any questions, please feel free to contact me at (813)270-7606, on fb, or email:

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