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    Christmas Party:  Thank you, ladies who attended!  You got it set up and cleaned up!  We enjoyed some yummy goodies, conversation, and crazy gift exchange!

    Pastor's Sabbatical Basket:  $421 was collected and turned over to the Sabbatical Fund.  Winners:  Connie & Walter Meade! 🙂  A BIG Thank You to all who contributed to the basket & who purchased tickets.

    Guardian Ad Litem Walmart Gift Cards:  45 cards were collected.  On Saturday, the ladies agreed to purchase 20 cards from our general fund at $500.  Total: 65 cards!  Jan is taking the cards to the GAL office today!  Again, thank you to those who donated cards and the group agreeing to purchase 20 more cards.  This project will contribute to a Merry Christmas for 65 teens in the GAL program.

    Reverse Advent Calendar is in full-swing!  Take your non-perishable food items to the church anytime......a few at a time as we did last Sunday or all at once.  And, again, thank you for supporting the project and the food pantry.

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