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How Many Lutherans It Takes....?

Have you ever wondered how many people it takes to make Sunday Service possible?

I know that before being involved in the services as I currently am, I had no idea how many people it took to make a single worship service possible. Today, I wanted to take the opportunity and show you just a piece of how many people are behind the scenes.

Just for today, these are the people involved behind the scenes.

In no special order:

Pastor Scott Lindner

Synod Parish Deacon Scott Giesking

Synod Parish Deacon Detlev Aeppel

Synod Parish Deacon Rebecca Parker

Synod Parish Deacon Jim Turner

Int. Pastor Esthel Marie

Brian Lindner

Su Lindner

Ken Hanks

Kristen Styles

Giada Styles

Michael Kane

Jane Gamble

Ruby Agnir

Earl Jefts

Julie Kaufman

I want to thank them all for their hard work and dedication. Without them we could not make worship possible. Atonement is blessed to have you all be part of putting together worship every week.

Bellow are some behind the scenes pictures

Synod Parish Deacon Jim Turner

Synod Parish Deacon Rebecca Parker, Ken Hanks, Kristen & Giada Styles

Brian Lindner, Synod Parish Deacon Scott Giesking, and Synod Parish Deacon Deltev Aeppel

Pastor Scott Lindner (no he is not sleeping)

Su Lindner

Michael Kane

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