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Hurricane Dorian has come and gone.

Remember all the panic at the stores and the empty shelves?

Well -- do not start using your Hurricane Preps. Save them. Hurricane Season isn't over until November 30th!!!!!

Should another hurricane appear you will not need to go out and buy more water and such.

Now think? Do you have enough supplies to get you through a possible hurricane? Water and juices? No cook and canned items? Gas for your grill? TOILET PAPER?

You know your family's needs. Do you have enough for a week or more? Don't forget to calculate for your pet's needs too.

Remember -- if you are already drinking your tap water you can save that [and some money] by storing your own water in cleaned cola, ice tea, sport drinks bottles. And right before the storm you can fill pitchers, pots and pans, the crock pots, etc.

And if you think a storm is nearing, get your prescriptions refilled so you don't have to worry about running out.

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