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Hurricane Season Starts June 1st, Are you prepared? (A Blog from Jean Jakes/Social Concerns)

Hurricane Season Starts June 1st TAX FREE HURRICANE PREP RUNS FROM FRIDAY 29 TO THURSDAY JUNE 4 Honestly, thought the state would cancel the tax free hurricane week. Now is the time to start figuring out what you need and begin buying stuff [particularly stuff you won't have to pay taxes on]. What is covered: .....those reusable ice pack things. Good to keep things cold when the power is out, but ice packs are also useful boo boos and sprained muscles, lunch packs, ice chests. If you have any meds that need to be kept cool get a few of these and freeze them now. .....batteries, pretty much most types [not for your car!]. Wander around the house and find all your flashlights. Check to see which ones still have power and the size of battery they use. Ditto any medical devices like blood pressure machines. And any games and toys. Finally, if you haven't checked your smoke detectors recently, check them! Write down the various sizes, check what you already have in the house, then decide what to buy -- and not pay taxes. .....flashlights, lanterns and candles. Do you want a few more flashlights? Maybe a battery lantern to set on the table. Now is the time to buy, and don't forget batteries for them. Some flashlights also have handcranks or solar power options. chests/coolers [non-electric]. .....gas, diesel containers, including LP gas and kerosine containers. .....tarps and assorted plastic sheeting, tie downs, etc. .....radios -- battery and/or handcrank and/or solar [or all three] some even have flashlight and usb charging. .....portable generators. Check for the basic list and price limits. [Like they won't let you get a GoalZero Ice chest suitable for a trip down the Amazon River tax free]. You can go to stores to find these items; or you can have curbside pick up and probably even order through their websites [check that first] and have what you want mailed to you.

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