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I'm back !

It’s been too long since this blog had a new post. Apologies. Now that we are in our “stay-at-home “ mode and it feels like we have endless free time, wouldn’t you think it would be easy to blog….nope. Anyway, shake off the dust and get going.

We did our last live stream Child of God service on Palm Sunday. We heard the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey with the crowds cheering. Like a Super Bowl day! How wonderful it would have been to be there on that day, peoople throwing down their coats and robes and cutting palm branches to strew on the dusty road, honoring this prophet they knew had done miracles and wanting to catch sight of him. But he rode on a little donkey, not a handsome steed and instead of a red carpet, He was honored with palm branches. But this was a king! His realm is bigger than any king on Earth, His kingdom is the Kingdom of God!

I found a wonderful story to read by Anthony DeStefano, “The Donkey That No One Could Ride”. You can find it on Youtube, well worth listening to. Turns out great minds think alike! Rebecca read the same story for Children’s Moment at the 10 AM service, and we hadn’t talked about it ahead of time. I think it gave the kids an understanding of Palm Sunday on their level. Makes you smile ( cutest little donkey ever!) but can put a lump in your throat too. I’m a pushover…….

There is no Child of God service in the near future but we will keep you posted when we are back, and the “new normal” resumes. Meanwhile, Maundy Thursday service is being streamed at 7 PM, Good Friday service at 7 PM and Easter Sunday is at 10 AM. Come join us!

I’m working on improving this blog using my “free time” to try to post a video soon. I’d love to read some stories to the kids, so stay tuned! Blessings!

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