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Ice Cream!

Our January ALC Kid’s Club meeting was great fun! We met in the backyard at church under the shade trees, a beautiful warm sunny day God set aside for us. Thank you


Pastor Scott told us how God uses different things to make our world and everything in it. Just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, we have to put it all together before it becomes something to eat. God puts the world together from different ingredients too!

Miss Jan introduced everyone and then introduced our newest member, Truffles, the little lop eared bunny puppet. Truffles really enjoyed coming and will be back! (but she had to keep reminding Pastor that her name was not Snuggles!) Mr. Steve has a new member to introduce at the next meeting too. Get ready to meet Squiggles the Squirrel… Puppets are fun!

Miss Linda, Miss Rebecca, and Miss Julie led us in some fun songs, with Pastor Scott playing along on his guitar. Miss Jan can’t sing so she held the sign with the words to sing along with.

Miss Julie had a fun game, we were blindfolded and had to see how many scoops of ice cream we could get in a bowl, but they were just cotton balls pretending to be ice cream. We all got a prize too!

Then we made our own ice cream. We shook up cream, sugar and vanilla inside a bag that went inside another bag of ice and salt. It came out so yummy!! We could add our own toppings and ate it out of the bag.

We might have to do that again, it was so good!

Some of us took a walk to the backyard Sanctuary in the woods, that was fun to see. Maybe one day we can have our meeting back there.

So a big thank you to all the kids that came, and to the Dads and Grandparents that came too. Intern Pastor Esthel was a big help too And Miss Su took lots of photos, can’t wait to see them. Looking forward to our February meeting on the 27th. Hope to see you!

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