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Ladies Bible Study One Year Anniversary by Marj Swikert

On January 8, 2019, we commenced the weekly Women's Bible Study, meeting each Tuesday at 11 AM at the church.  The weekly studies continued through the summer months. Over the course of this first year of study, we have studied:

-Women of the Bible (ELCA Study)

-Book of Romans (Study book by Lyman Coleman & Richard Peace)

-Healing Ministry of Jesus - currently we are working on this study

All the participants have benefited from the group study approach, as we all learn from each others' different viewpoints, insights, and experiences.  Typically the hour goes by extremely quickly due to our lively discussions!

January 21, 2020, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary with a potluck lunch & cake!

If you are interested in joining our bible study please do! Anyone is welcome to join us Tuesdays at 11 am.

We were missing a few of our ladies on this day.

From left to right standing we have Intern Pastor Esthel Kane, Marj Swikert, Carol Erlwein, Jordy Daly, Connie Mead, Maybelo, Cheryl Jefts, and Beth Tepe,

Sitting from left to right Deedee Schlichting, Alice Bowers, and Ginny Morris.

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