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Live Nativity 2019

The Live Nativity will be on Saturday, Dec. 14th at 7pm. There will be a rehearsal on Friday, Dec 13th at 5pm.

A sign up sheet was out last Sunday for coordinators to help with the many areas of the Nativity. This Sunday there will be sign up sheets out for those who want to help with refreshments, set up/clean up, singers and character rolls.

The coordinators are:

Performance: Steve Vinik (954) 643-3805

Su Lindner (813) 270-7606

Parking: Michael Kane (813) 476-8015

Luminaries: Lenz's (813) 997-3963

Ungerer's (813) 782-9199

Refreshments: Connie Kerrigan (301) 237-2243

Cheryl Jefts (813) 206-6410

Costumes: Esthel Kane (813) 580-1519

PR: Detlev Aeppel (813) 505-7914

Stable set up/tear down: Bill Anderson (813) 992-7373

Harley Schlicting (573) 268- 8654

Choir: Ruby Agnir (813) 451-4262

Music: Ken Hanks

Audio: Scott Geisking (813) 731-1855

We are still searching for some baby farm animals that we can rent for the night of the Nativity. Please let me know if you know of any. We also need tealights for the luminaries, a rustic looking lantern and 2 bales of hay. See the sign up sheets if you can supply any of these items.

If you are interested in helping in one of these areas, contact the coordinator. Questions can be directed to me at (813) 270-7606.

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