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Live Nativity 2021

On Dec. 18,2021, we had our Live Nativity!! It was a great turn out and everyone deserves a big round of applause for the great job they did.

The cast consisted of Alisha Bowers, Henry Selland, Viva Symonette, Iris Aeppel, Robert Pope, Hank Hoskings, Ed Dodge, Jan Gerle, Reagan Benner, Rebecca Parker, Cameron Selland, Giada Styles, Kristen Styles, Earle Jefts, Ann Frillman, Ken Hanks and Detlev Aeppel. There are so many others who helped with costumes, refreshments, etc. A HUGE thank you to those of you who brought snacks

or helped in any way to make this a special production.

A special shout out to Detlev Aeppel (and his walking partner Butch Staber) for " Walking a Miile " for a camel !! Thanks to Detlev, we not only had the donkey, we had a camel and a llama!! The animals were a big hit.

A special thank you to Tony Masella of for coming and covering the Nativity on his website and for letting me use his photos.

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