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Of Bikes and Blessings, by Jordy Lynn Daley

On Saturday Feb 22 I attended a the first annual Blessing of the Bikes at Christ Redeemer Church in Temple terrace. Pastor Scott told me about it since I am a chaplain with the Biker Bible Institute and asked if I would attend with the possibility of doing similar at Atonement. I was delighted to go and attend.

I anticipated seeing just motorcycles present with their riders to have their Bikes Blessed. I was delightfully surprised to see that bicycles and their owners were also present for the blessing. Among those with a bicycle to be blessed was Pastor Eric Friedrichs himself. . it appears he is an avid trail rider. In addition Fr. Ed from St. Catherine's Episcopalian was in attendance to assist with the blessings; he was the one who blessed Pastor Eric's bicycle.

All of the young people and adults too have a great time. I wish I have video of the event. The church also provided a very elaborate continental breakfast which was greatly appreciated as I had left home with out even getting my coffee. My photo of the breakfast did not come out. T shirts were available for purchase and of course I had to have one. I took a chance on the 50/50 raffle, however i did not get a call so i guess i did not win. God Bless the one who did.

I enjoyed the event very much and hope to participate in one at Atonement. I will be contacting other chaplains from the BBI and ask them to share with me the prayers they have used with their Bike Blessings. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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