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Oh, no, FLU Shot Time!

Yes, it is time for those of us who can get their flu shots to get their flu shots.

No procrastinating.

Get the shot if you can. Chat with your doctor or just go to a pharmacy.

Help stop the spread of the flu. Some people can't get the flu shot and if the rest of us do get our shot we can help prevent the flu in others.

No vaccine is perfect. You may still catch the flu -- it it generally isn't as bad as if you hadn't gotten the shot. That's a good thing for you.

But if the vaccine works perfectly, then you won't get the flu [which is great for you] but even better you won't be able to spread the flu to others!!!!

So get your flu shot. Have the kids get their flu shots [schools are horrible for spreading the flu]. Encourage others who can get the flu shot to get it.

Flu shots aren't for everyone -- but for the rest of us. NO PROCRASTINATING. Get your shot. NOW. Before the holidays.

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