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Oh, one more thing.....(ALC Kids Club )

We want a safe and fun filled day for our 1st ALC Kids Club meeting on 9/26.

We require that at least one adult stay with their child during the session. Better yet, we hope the entire family will come and stay. The blog previous to this has most of the information.

So, a reminder:

**You must pre-register the week prior to the event by calling Marybeth in the

office at 813-973-2211 from 10-3 PM on Monday 9/21, Tuesday 9/22 or Wednesday 9/24. No walk-ins will be permitted.

** An adult must be present with the child the entire session

** Masks are required

** Bring a blanket or towel to sit on (adults may bring a lawn chair)

** Bring a dry rag, and a wet rag to clean chalky hands

And finally......bring your creative juices and expect a good time!

We can't wait!

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