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Other Important Hurricane Considerations

It isn't all food and water. You also need to consider health and medications.

Chat with your pharmacist about 'topping off' your prescriptions if a storm is heading your way.

Do you have a First Aid Kit? Would you want bug repellent? An itch cream if you get bit by fire ants? Hydrogen peroxide and/or antibiotic cream for scratches? How are your stocks of pain pills like Tylenol or Aleve? Allergy meds?

If Fire Ants decide to invade your house because of high water -- do you have enough bug spray to stop them?

Then there is your cell phone? If everyone is using their phones you might only be able to text people. Let your relatives know to not worry if their calls don't go through -- then send them a text when the storm is past.

Can you easily charge you phone? Those smart phones are useful for taking pictures of 'before' and then any potential 'after' damage. Send the pictures to a friend/relative so you don't have to worry about losing or damaging your phone and losing the pictures. Those pictures can be useful when dealing with the Insurance company.

You do know where your insurance papers, property papers, birth certificates and other important documents are, don't you? Keep them handy if you have to leave. In nice ziplock bag in a safe container. Take photos of your drivers license/car tag/ids/credit cards. These are all important documents.

With cell phone memories doing the dialing for us many of us don't 'know' even close family members phone numbers any more. If you have children, have them MEMORIZE yours and some relatives phone numbers so they aren't telling some poor first responder 'well, my grandmother lives in Brandon somewhere....'

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