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Over A Year Ago

As I am sitting here writing this blog, I cannot believe it has been over a year ago that I started MDivX. For those who are new and do not know me. Welcome! I do not blog enough, but when I do is because I feel that I have something good to share. I am Intern Pastor Esthel Marie. I am on an accelerated master of divinity (MDivX) program at Luther Seminary in Minnesota. What does that mean? Well, one that whoever joins this program must be out of their minds (insert laughs here), and two is a regular masters in divinity program but instead of having 4 years of classes we do it in 2 years.

Today, after I finished my 3rd day of intensives classes at 7 pm at night, I was thinking about how much my classmates and I have accoplished. How many hours we have spent in front of our computers studying and working. How during a horrible pandemic our lives got turned around and instead of running for the hills, we created a class to learn about how to be a church during a pandemic.

So as of September 21st, today, I have been 1 year and just a bit over 3 months in this program. After this semester is done, I only have 2 more semesters and I will be officially done!! (insert cheers here) But none of this would be possible without the help of so many people. If I were to mention everyone by name, this blog will never be done. But they know who they are and I tell them often how much they are appreciated and loved. But the greatest one, whom everyone knows, is God. I am thankful that through all of this He has blessed me with an amazing team that supports me, a spouse who cheers me on, and classmates that have become family. As it would be easier to say that this was only possible with God and my hard work, that would be denying the amazing power of our God and ignoring that he uses others' gifts to bless us.

So just like I have thanked those who God put in my life to bless me, take time this week to thank those God put in your life to bless you.

this picture is a mapping of where all the students in MDivX cohort 1 are in the US. And you can see where I am at

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