Reverse Lenten Calendar - ‘Don’t give up something – Take something on'

Our Atonement WELCA ladies met on Saturday, via Zoom, trying to get back to our monthly schedule - 2nd Saturday of the month at 10 AM. With no end of the pandemic in site and with no anticipated opening of the church, we brainstormed what we as the Women of Atonement could do as a project. Conni Kerrigan reminded Barb Turner of the Reverse Lenten Calendar (‘Don’t give up something – Take something on) she had shared with us at our last Zoom meeting. She shared the idea of giving and sharing during Lent rather than giving something up. We discussed areas, groups, etc. that we could help as there are so many needs in our community. Among the suggestions was Sunrise of Pasco County Domestic & Sexual Violence Center which has been a recipient from past Spring Bazaar proceeds. Jean Jakes shared that their needs are posted on their website which made it easier to determine needs.

With more brainstorming, a plan was developed. Starting on Ash Wednesday, February 17, participants are asked to put one item of need in a basket or box. Each day during Lent (46 days beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending on Easter), add another item to the collection. We ask that the collection of items be delivered to the church during Easter weekend. After further discussion, it was decided that we share this project with the church as sponsored by WELCA. The info would be put in the bulletin as well as on the website and in this blog. We are asking for participants to notify us of their commitment so we can communicate suggestions and encouragement during this Lenten season. When the collection is made after Easter, if we find that the amount is more than the center can receive at that time, the excess will be given to our Helping Hands Food Pantry.

Participants are asked to notify Barb Turner via email ( of their participation. During the Lenten season, we'll share any updates and words of encouragement with that group. We will welcome all words of encouragement to share.

WELCA is looking forward to serving our community and our church during this pandemic.

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