• Jan Gerle

Scavenger Hunt

Our “Food Scavenger Hunt” was a big success! It was worth it just to greet faces we hadn’t seen in a long time, even if we were all wearing masks and couldn’t give out hugs. So many showed up with super generous donations, we collected about 2,000 pounds of food! That’s two thousand pounds! Everyone was so generous and most didn’t even fill out their score sheets. Scores were so close that I decided a random drawing for the prize was the way to go. I’ll announce that later after I have contacted the winner. Many, many thanks to all for their participation and thoughtfulness. Our youngest participant was Regan Benner, thank you!

If any of you snowbirds are heading north in the near future, keep the Pantry in mind as you clean out your pantry. Pass those items along, it would be much appreciated. There is a bin behind the church where you can put those non-perishable items, it is checked daily. And, since the Postal Drive is not happening now, we lost a huge source of items, so we need to keep our Pantry replenished!

On another note, I hope you are tuning into the 10:00 Sunday morning service. Everyone is doing such a good job producing it each week, lots of teamwork. The technology (thank you Scott Giesking!) is awesome, the singing wonderful and the messages and prayers are so meaningful. Next best thing to “being in church”! I have to give praises to the Child of God team for their stories during Children’s Moment. So good! Rebecca, myself, the Latson family (Delany and Dylan were stars!), Julie, we all took a turn and we will keep doing it for as long as we “live stream”. Anyone interested in video taping a Children’s Moment, give me a call. Stay tuned for Miss Julie on May 10th! And no excuses about not wanting to get up in front of people. You are in your house! Read it to the dog…..Why not give it a try?

I’m thinking of another project for the kids to do soon. That will be a separate blog soon, I promise.

Stay healthy, stay safe and maybe soon we can get out! I think there is a lot of cabin fever going around, but there is a cure for that!

Blessings, Jan

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