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So what to do first, long before a hurricane comes?????

Everyone has their own set of priorities -- but I'll start with what disappeared most during the Coronavirus Stay At Home mass shopping.

Water -- personally don't know why water sold out. Maybe it was a habit from Hurricane buying? But there is plenty on the shelves now. You know how much bottled water you use in a couple of weeks. That's a good amount to set aside for a hurricane. If you like your own tap water, then figure out how many containers you have to store it in.

It is suggested 1 gallon of water per day per person. That is for drinking, cooking with and washing/cleaning with. Naturally it also depends upon what you are doing and how hot it is. Babies, little children and the elderly can easily become dehydrated, plus those working hard outside. Consider having sports type drinks or some pedalyte around. Now, if you normally drink fruit juices and such, that can count as your drinking water needs. Canned fruits also make a great liquid addition.

Bread -- the traditional hurricane/blizzard/Stay-At-Home buy. It will reappear on the shelves. I bought a loaf at Publix the other day -- and stashed it in the freezer beside my frozen 'coronavirus' loaf which I'll take out when I am finished with the loaf I am using. Bread freezes great. I always keep some frozen English muffins because I like to buy them on sale and randomly go through English muffin eating binges. Who hasn't frozen hot dog buns? It is easy to buy ahead and store. Also, having crackers around make a great substitute for bread.

Toilet Paper -- OK, I've had a hurricane toilet paper stash in the house since I was a kid. It lasts forever, doesn't take up much room and when you forget to buy toilet paper you know which bed to look under. So if you don't have a hurricane stash, start one. By now you know exactly how much toilet paper your family uses in a couple of weeks....or whatever time you feel comfortable with.

Canned goods -- Canned fruit! Precooked canned food like Spagettioes or Hormel. Soups. Pop Tarts. Granola Bars. Peanut butter [which doesn't need to be refrigerated after opening]. Think about things that are easy to prepare and eat. And if they don't have pop tops, then make sure you have a NON-ELECTRIC can opener!

Essentially, get what you think you will need for a week or two post-hurricane. It doesn't need to be bought all at once. When you buy some applesauce, pick up an extra one. That sort of thing and your hurricane supplies will soon be ready and waiting.

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