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Stephen Ministry Annual Report 2020


The Stephen Ministry began when 3 people from the congregation (Pastor Scott, Chris Rymer and Jan Buland) went to Orlando, Fla, for a week of training to become Stephen Leader’s in January 2017. We have added two more Stephen Leaders (Kirsten Westbrook who trained at Orlando and Tina Hannold who transferred from another church. We currently have 5 Stephen Leaders and 9 Stephen Ministers. The Stephen Ministers have had 50 hours of training over many subjects (i.e. Maintaining Confidentiality, Dealing with Depression, Ministering to those Experiencing Grief, Helping Suicidal Persons get help they need, Ministry to the Dying and Their Family, Caring for People before, during and after Hospitalization, Experiencing Losses related to Aging, Those Experiencing Divorce, as well as many other stressful issues encountered in life).

Stephen Ministers are matched with someone (a Care Receiver) who is experiencing a low time in their life. Since inception, there have been 16 people who have been assigned to a Stephen Minister. Currently, there remain only 3 people meeting with a Stephen Minister. It shows that this program has been successful to many dealing with a difficult situation. The Care Receiver meets with Stephen Minister each week for one hour and continues for as long as the Care Receiver wishes. Aside from Care Receivers within our congregation, we have also had a successful caring relationship with a person from another church who requested a Stephen Minister from Atonement. Due to COVID pandemic, these meeting have been held by Facetime, Zoom or telephone.

We also send “Journey Through Grief” books to people who have lost loved ones. There are 4 different books. The first book is sent one month after death of a loved one, the second book 3 months after the death, the third book 6 months after the death and the fourth 11 months after the death. There have been 18 families during 2019-2020 who have received these books. We have received feedback from families who have found these books very comforting.


Pastor Scott Lindner (Supervision & Referrals) Kathy Alvare (Facilitator)

Chris Rymer (Training Coordinator) Bill Slippy

Jan Buland (SL Team Coordinator) Detlev Aappel

Kirsten Westbrook (Continuing Education) Laurie Chiaramonte

Tina Hannold (Awareness Building) Kirsten Westbrook

Tina Hannold

Steve Vinik

Chris Rymer

Tina Hannold

Vanessa Frost (Inactive)

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