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'Stir-crazy' yet?

Going 'stir-crazy' yet? Catching up on your 'to-do' list? As we are experiencing this 'down-time' as our lives have changed, the challenge may be 'what am I going to do today?' Personally, I have found this time to be a challenge. Each morning I realize that I don't have to be anywhere and don't have any deadlines. I don't find myself starting my day on the treadmill at the Advent Wellness Center here in Zephyrhills. As much as I had to push myself to do that, it and the other machines gave me energy to accomplish the 'to-do' list for that day.

Now.....after thanking God that I'm healthy and can 'get going' on another day of our stay-at-home, I have been finding things to do.....and ignoring yet some of those things I'm still putting cleaning out and organizing cupboards, drawers, and storage areas. For those of you on Facebook, you are seeing that Jim is cutting out some wood crafts and I am bringing them to life. I've also been working on the afghan our daughter started years ago and stored away. Baking and sharing with our neighbors has been appreciated. Donating fabric and seam binding to those making masks here in our park has been rewarding. Crossword puzzles and reading take up 'break times'. Before I know it, another stay-at-home day has come to a close. Again, I thank God for that and pray for all of those who are struggling. Everyone tells us that this will pass and we'll all be together again. It's like the 'light at the end of the tunnel'. While I wait to see you all again, I am trying to practice patience, take precautions, and most importantly - PRAY!

Till we gather again.....take care......and God bless you and be with you!

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