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Your Women of Atonement want to thank you for your donations and purchases at our sponsored Community Marketplace, both the end of March and on Sunday May 7. A total of $1245 was realized. The total was divided between the Kitchen Fund and our WELCA general fund for future projects. Plan ahead: The 2024 Community Marketplace will be March 9th!!

Before taking a summer hiatus, WELCA 'purchased' two scholarships for the Atonement Vacation Bible School and 'rounded-up' the Marketplace vendor space donation to provide a $500 scholarship to Hope Services, our Community Marketplace designated charity.

No Al & Bea Bidwell Memorial Scholarship Awards were made this year as we didn't have any graduating high school seniors.

The summer brings a time for refreshing and rejuvenating, to prepare our Women of Atonement for the activities that begin in the fall. Enjoy your summer!

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