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This Easter Celebration

This Easter we all can say that it will be different. Why not create a Hymn about it? Well, one of our members Marj Swikert suggested in a Facebook Post for us to sing a new Hymn for Easter. Unfortunately, the worship and music team had already finalized their plans and were unable to do so. But! I suggested why not share the Hymn as a blog. The Hymns is called "This Easter Celebration" it was written by Methodist songwriter Carolyn Winfrey Gillette from New York. I will share two things with you. First, is the Youtube link to the song And second, is the Lyrics. Please take a few seconds to read the lyrics first. Yes, they might sound depressing to some, but oh how true the feeling it is in the homes of millions of people who are affected by COVID-19.

Lyrics to "This Easter Celebration" by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette.

This Easter celebration is not like ones we've known. We pray in isolation, we sing the hymns alone. We're distant from our neighbors — from worship leaders, too. No flowers grace the chancel to set a festive mood.

No gathered choirs are singing; no banners lead the way. O God of love and promise, where's joy this Easter Day? With sanctuaries empty, may homes become the place we ponder resurrection and celebrate your grace.

Our joy won't come from worship that's in a crowded room but from the news of women who saw the empty tomb. Our joy comes from disciples who ran with haste to see — who heard that Christ is risen, and then, by grace, believed.

In all the grief and suffering, may we remember well: Christ suffered crucifixion and faced the powers of hell. Each Easter bears the promise: Christ rose that glorious day! Now nothing in creation can keep your love away.

We thank you that on Easter, your church is blessed to be a scattered, faithful body that's doing ministry. In homes and in the places of help and healing, too, we live the Easter message by gladly serving you.

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