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Vacation Bible School

I hope everyone is doing OK! Did you get to tackle some of those projects that have been waiting for you? Yards and homes probably never looked so good!

Are we seeing a light at the end of the COVID TUNNEL? A glimmer, I think. Which brings me to the subject of Vacation Bible School. Earlier this year we decided to cancel because of the pandemic (new vocabulary word for 2020) but Miss Julie and I decided to try a new adventure----we are going to have VBS but virtually via Zoom meetings. Maybe we could call it VVBS…virtual vacation bible school…but that is almost a tongue twister!

The dates for VBS are July 6-10th at 10 AM, probably about an hour long. We can host 30 kids (ages 5-12) so registration is first come, first served. No fee this year. The info is on the website you are on now, just click on HOME and scroll down to see the flyer “Heavenly Sprouts Farm”. You can register your child or children by email or phone and additional info (like Zoom ID for sign in) will be sent to you later. Each child will get a VBS bag with instructions, crafts and snacks for the week. Pickup dates for the bags are 7/3 (Friday) from 11-12, and 7/5 (Sunday) from 12:30-2. You must be registered to pick up the bags.

Each session will have a welcome, prayer time, songs, lessons, with crafts and snacks to enjoy after the session is done. We will be doing a Show and Tell Tuesday-Friday to see what everyone did with their craft.

Since we are doing our “Heavenly Sprouts Farm” (Growing Fruit of the Spirit) with no charge for the kids, we would be grateful for any monetary donations. We need to cover craft supplies and snacks to make this a fun experience for the Sprouts (kids). These can be sent to Carol Rothgeb with a note or write on the memo line of your check “VBS”. Perhaps those that graciously hosted dinners and lunches and housing for the counselors in past years would consider donating for the kids supplies this year. We hope all our Sprouts enjoy this new adventure and enjoy growing Fruit(s) of the Spirit at the farm this year!

Stay tuned! Jan

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