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Why is the sanctuary decorated in green?

In my last blog, I posed the question: How many Lutheran's does it take to effectively run a worship service? Have you ever wondered why we use specific colors on specific Sunday's? Who decides what color to use? Who changes the colors?

The answer is: The Altar Guild

First, let's talk about the different colors we see throughout the year. Most Lutheran churches follow a liturgical calendar that breaks up the year by calendar year (A,B, & C), season (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, & Pentecost), and festival Sundays. Each season and festival Sunday is assigned its own color (blue, white, red, green & purple), and the sanctuary paraments represent these colors. You may have noticed that for Reformation we were decorated in red. The Altar Guild makes sure that the paraments are changed accordingly.

This is just one of the many responsibilities that the Altar Guild has. In my next blog, we will explore Communion.

Yours in Christ,

Rebecca Parker

Worship & Music Team Lead

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