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New technology in our sanctuary!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Many of you may recall worship in the sanctuary before the pandemic using projectors to display a power point presentation of our worship bulletin. They helped decrease some of bulletin printing burden. And not staring down at your bulletin for much of the service was an improvement.

Well time took its toll on them and the the lack of use during the pandemic finally rendered them obsolete. We started looking into replacement options quite some time ago. Unfortunately with the very high ceilings and the distance from wall to wall in our sanctuary, there were not many options available at what we considered a reasonable price.

Large screen television technology has came along ways in the past few years. The cost of large screens has dropped to a point to it that it might be the cause of the projector options becoming so limited for us. So after some discussion, it was decided to research using big screen televisions and if could they be used with other technology already in place. As it turned out, it was a less expensive option and more a sustainable long term solution.

So after even more research and pricing the final actual equipment to be purchased. The decision was made to go forward.

After a busy week of installing the new screens and just our first Sunday of use, the result surpassed at least my expectations of how it would really look once in place.

To start, it's out with the old.

Pretty simple to remove. The old projector setup wasn't that elaborate. The walls required some painting to get up do date.

Time to upgrade

86 inch televisions. The projector screens corner to corner measured 93 inches. They were difficult to line up correctly. Over time even more so. I wasn't able to get them set to use the full width of the screen and be in focus. So it would seem that by the numbers, the new screens are smaller. But the end result, they likely

are essentially the same size if not even a larger visible size.

The first screen installed. Pictures can't capture how the image

looks in person. Much brighter and clearer than where

we came from.

How did you get that up there ?!?!

Well, it wasn't what I would call easy. The tv's weigh almost 100 pounds. Fortunately the church building was built in a way that could it support the screens with no concerns.

But still, putting a 100 pound tv 11-12 foot high on a wall presents problems! So a lot of thought went in to it. In the end, there was a simple solution. One step at a time with some equipment we already had in one of our utility rooms. Some great scaffolding.

A video of the installation of the second screen being lifted and mounted to the wall.

With all three installed from my point of view as the lead person

who will be operating them.

Whats next?

As of posting this, there is still some work to be done with the connections to the screens. Some crawling around in the attic. That will solidify what is already looking great.

Of course you don't come to Atonement to watch tv! We all understand that. But as in the past, you can see that they can be a great an enhancement to our worship service experience. They are not intended to be the focus. Sharing God's Love and extending His Kingdom is still our mission!

Give thanks!