Caring Ministries
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God calls us to lovingly care for the physical and spiritual needs of others.

Caring Ministry is God's love in action

The Caring Ministry Team offers supportive services to those in need and provides an opportunity for people to live their faith by serving others.  Through friendship and practical support,  Caring Ministry volunteers function as extended family members, doing a broad range of hands-on activities and tasks.

  • Nursing Home, Hospital and Home Visitation

We seek to respond to the various needs of our church family.  This interaction with our members during difficult times provides them with a real sense of belonging to our church family.

  • Caregiver Assistance

Provides "time off" for an hour or two so that the caregiver can run errands, get to appointments or just have time to themselves.

  • Transportation

We are available for the occasional times when transportation is needed for a doctor appointment, to pick up a prescription, to go to the grocery store or to attend church services.

  • Food Distribution and Assistance with Meals

Provide home meals when needed, such as after a recent hospital stay, illness or injury or the loss of a loved one.

  • Eucharistic Ministries

For those who are unable to attend Sunday services due to illness or injury.  Atonement Eurcharistic Ministers are trained volunteers available to provide communion to the homebound members and to those in hospitals and other care facilities.

  • New Member Shepherds

Serve as a mentor or "shepherd" to new members to assist them in becoming fully integrated into the life of the Atonement Lutheran Church family.

  • Prayer Ministries

At the heart of what we do at Atonement Lutheran Church is the conversational intimacy with God...prayer. The Caring Ministry team is here to pray for and with you and for the needs of others.  Some of the ways we achieve this is through.  Currently, the three listed below are not available due to covid.


Atonement Lutheran Prayer Team -  Meets once a month to consider ways to strengthen prayer in our congregation. The team prays for those who do not wish to be included on a public prayer list.

The God Squad -  Team members are at the front of the church after each service.  They are easy to recognize in their prayer shawls.

Drive-thru Prayer -  Prayer Partners are outside, under the portico, every Friday between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM.  They are ready to pray with all who stop by.  Currently closed for drive-thru prayer.

God calls us to be in relationship with one another.  Many of our volunteers develop lasting friendships with those they serve. Those friendships strengthen the Body of Christ.  Volunteers also discover that in giving of their time and abilities, their own faith grows.

Caring Ministry volunteers work together to make God's love real through tangible acts of care and support in times of transition, need and celebration.

We invite you to comes to one of our monthly meetings, share your comments and your ideas and, hopefully, decide that you would like to join the Caring Ministry Team.  Our meetings are held at church in the Fellowship Hall.