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Normally, Our Child of God service is held every Sunday at 11:30 AM from September through May.  This is kid-friendly, family oriented, and all ages are welcome.   Child of God replaces Sunday School in a fun way.

Due to the Corona Virus this service is cancelled.  Please subscribe to this website, we will email when we have our new Kids Club get together, held outside, social distancing and masks are required Children ages up to 11.

The kids are actively involved, it is their service.  They are the acolytes, cross-bearers. Instead of a sermon, the kids have story time based on the liturgy for the day.  We have a great team of Storytellers that deliver the stories in a very imaginative way as well as involving the kids in an interactive activity.  Songs and hymns are geared to them.  Combining the traditional worship with contemporary worship brings something for everyone.

Communion is held during every service and parents can choose whether the child participates or just receives a blessing (some parents like to wait until after the child has had their "first communion" rites).  Bread is broken and dipped into the wine (intincture).  The closing song is sung and the kids go off to do a Bible craft or activity  while the parents stay a bit longer and discuss their "homework" for the week with the pastor.

There are many opportunities for adults to help in this rewarding ministry.  We are building memories for our kids, the future of the church.  We want them to remember church as a fun and meaningful time.  If you like to work with children, we have Storytellers, Crafters, Music, Service Assistants, and Event Committees.  We are always looking for fresh ideas and your contributions.  This is an evolving ministry with so many rewards and we welcome everyone to join us. Come on down!